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1x One-to-One Stretch Therapy Session (50 min)

Stretch Therapy re-aligns the body creating a lasting foundation for moving with ease. It increases range of motion, facilitates muscular balance, improves performance and reduces risk of injury. ST stimulates muscles, joints and the nervous system, increasing happiness and productivity with each session.

Each Stretch Therapy appointment has three phases:

Phase One
We assess your posture and movement, identifying areas of restriction.

Phase Two
We move you through passive and active stretches to target your specific areas of restriction, while guiding you in breathing and relaxation techniques. We access the full joint range, stretching in three dimensions.

Phase Three
We teach you a self stretch. Over the course of a few sessions we build your home self routine, specific tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy:

  • Increase range of motion

  • Reduce pain

  • Accelerate injury recovery

  • Calm the nervous system reducing stress and increasing energy

  • Sharpen focus

  • Enhance performance in sports

  • Improve circulation

  • Move with more grace and finesse

  • Improve body alignment and posture

  • Improve body awareness

  • Improve motivation towards movement and fitness

Pass details

  • 1 visit
  • Unused visits expire after 12 months

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